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Friday, September 16, 2005

Shekhar Kapoor to Cindy Sheehan

This is an open letter by Shekhar Kapoor on behalf of an Iraqi Mother (fictional I believe) to Cindy Sheehan.....

Presents one valid side of the story but the ending sounds a bit revengeful...what do you say?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Death Ends Fun review now available

The Indi Blog review now has a Review on Death Ends Fun and an interview with Dilip D'Souza. Check it out if you have time

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Been Away from the Blogging World

Been busy though there is so much to blog about !!

The Blog Review of "Death Ends Fun" should be posted sometime this week on Indi Blog Review.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Funniest Religious Joke

Relgious Joke (just because everyone is cribbing about religion on their blogs :-)

I was walking across a bridge one day, and I saw a man standing on the
edge, about to jump.

I ran over and said: "Stop. Don't do it."

"Why shouldn't I?" he asked.

"Well, there's so much to live for!"

"Like what?"

"Are you religious?"

He said, "Yes."I said, "Me too. Are you Christian or Buddhist?"

"Christian.""Me too. Are you Catholic or Protestant?"

"Protestant.""Me too. Are you Episcopalian or Baptist?""Baptist."

"Wow. Me too. Are you Baptist Church of God or Baptist Church of the

"Baptist Church of God.""Me too. Are you original Baptist Church of God, or
are you Reformed Baptist Church of God?"

"Reformed Baptist Church of God.""Me too. Are you Reformed Baptist Church
of God, Reformation of 1879, or Reformed Baptist Church of God, Reformation of

He said: "Reformed Baptist Church of God, Reformation of 1915."

I said: "Die, heretic scum," and pushed him off.

Read here for the Top 10 Funniest Religious Jokes and I am sure you will go "sheeesh" on the Most Offensive Joke at the same site...

chaayneese - or not?

Read this from Rashmi - ABCD

I had been to NY and NJ a couple of weeks back I enjoyed the best "Indian Chinese" (a different cuisine altogether as explained in the post above) over there.

Those who plan to go to NJ should surely try out two places which are a must visit for an Indian Chinese Cuisine Lover. The Places are "Moghul Express" and "Nan King".

Opportunity Cost? What is the confusion?

The latest debate on the economic front.

Well nothing to do with the economics but a lot to do with the economists. An interesting one anyways….

Here is the gist as given by Alex Tabarrok on Marginal Revolutions:
You won a free ticket to see an Eric Clapton concert (which has no resale value). Bob Dylan is performing on the same night and is your next-best alternative activity. Tickets to see Dylan cost $40. On any given day, you would be willing to pay up to $50 to see Dylan. Assume there are no other costs of seeing either performer. Based on this information, what is the opportunity cost of seeing Eric Clapton?

(a) $0, (b) $10, (c) $40, or (d) $50.

I have a hard time believing that this is possible but 78 percent of the economists
gave the wrong answer! This is not a hard question. There is no trick. Opportunity cost is central to economics, the people asked were among the best economists in the world, a large majority of them have taught intro econ and yet the correct answer was the least popular.

You can read the whole study here and a related NY Times article here

The answer obviously is $10.

The difference in the “perceived value” of the Dylan Concert ($50) and the actual cost of the ticket ($40).

If I try to explain this in simple terms, I would get the ticket at $40 anyways when I am ready to dole out $50 so I am losing out on the $10 (virtual) profit that I could have “enjoyed” by going to the Dylan concert instead of the Eric Clapton one.

Disclaimers – I may not be as good as Michael in explaining complex Economics in a simple way and personally though, I prefer Eric Clapton – but I do not have the “free” ticket.

I got the answer right, and before you think that I am posting this just to boast about it, let me say a modest “NO”

Now if you got the answer wrong AND you prize your “Economics degree”, or consider “economics” to be your “cuppa tea”, or just want to rant out; read this counter post on the same Marginal Revolutions. And if I have not confused you enough, go to the comments section of the same post.

I do not agree with the counter Post simply because I think the Net v/s Gross argument does not hold true in this case. The problem clearly states that “ there are no other costs” thus I think the debate is nullified. If this is the “LAST” Dylan concert on the Earth and your “perceived value” is still $50 then the $50 opportunity cost is true, but else not.

BTW – People named Amit are generally smart – You see this Amit got it right as well.

My sixth sense tells me that I need to turn off the comments on this one, but then wasn’t it I who begged for them in the first place.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

From the Horse's mouth

Here it is ... the "Guruspeak" or should I say "Guruvaani" ...... your comments are welcome.. I will post my thoughts later

Monday, September 05, 2005

Katrina - The good stories

There have been many a stories on the net about lack of humanity, but NY girl proves that it is otherwise as well.

Read for the compilation here and if you have a suggestion let her know

May the spirit stay alive and may GOD help all those who require it

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Talveen Singh ...

Read this and let me know what you say. I am confused... what is the point?

Indian Team pulls out ....

India wins. You say, it was against a trimmed down Zim so it is not a big news.

I agree but....

... as usual India managed to get itself into a mess and thanks to a timely (long due) surge by Yuvraj and Dhoni that they managed to pull itself out.

I hope this show of resillience will help us in the Finals..

Friday, September 02, 2005

Second Review on Indi Blog Review

The Second review in the Indi Blog Review series has now been posted. It features "Happenings of the Heart" - a blog by Josephine Fernandes

World of Sport

Should we be happier about Sania storming into US Open Round 4 or India finally registering a 'credible' win?

Ofcourse we should be happeir about Sania, cause what she acheives today is History in the Making, she gives hope to many..... unlike the cricket victory which is not so special as Shane Bond was missing....

At least I am, are you?