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Friday, September 02, 2005

World of Sport

Should we be happier about Sania storming into US Open Round 4 or India finally registering a 'credible' win?

Ofcourse we should be happeir about Sania, cause what she acheives today is History in the Making, she gives hope to many..... unlike the cricket victory which is not so special as Shane Bond was missing....

At least I am, are you?


Me said...

Sania is HOT !!! **sigh**

Minal said...

Amit finally there is something to smile about.

Sania's win covered most pages today, I'm glad that the papers got their priorities right.

I'm proud of Sania , imagine a 18 year old getting coverage over our much loved Indian cricket team:-))

As for cricket, let's see when Bond is back, till then I'll relish Kaif's innings.

Pallavi said...

Hopefully we see her winning more matches than in billboards like she is appearing now ... Bangalore is full of 'em.

@mit said...

Avik - You are right (but in which sense :-) )

Minal - I hope we can face the Bond Magic in the Finals. It all depends on the pitch and the toss as well... Let us keep our fingers crossed
and as for Sania, she deserves the attention, but let us hope that this attention does not bog her down

Pallavi - I hope the head that rests on her shoulder can take all this adultation in her stride... I did not know that she has become a billboard material

khelnayak said...

Hi, first time here. Glad that u too follow sania's progress apart from cricket. And yeah...billboard material is needed for the moolah without which it becomes difficult to survive.

For a wider perspective on indian sport, do check out my blog.

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