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Monday, June 13, 2005

Advaniji - Stop it now

Advaniji - Thanks for hogging the limelight for the past one week. We really owe it to you. You know what, we did not have anything interesting to read for a long time and you just made our day.

First of all - it was YOU who was speaking - You were talking on Secularism - and that too about Jinnah - it had to be an interesting hearing.

Let me be clear - I have no oppostion (pun intended) to your veiws about Jinnah. I am sure a person as well read as you are, will not make a blunder. So I beleive you. But the bigger point is that why now?

I understand you wanted to say something nice on this "sadbhavna yatra" but then you could have spared us of all this fiasco by just saying that Musharraf is great etc etc...

You have dug out the old "bhoots" with a view on the booths.

I liked your strategy, but then what was the point in bowing down finally.

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