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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Pataudi? Tiger on the Run

Mr. Pataudi is on the run. I am sure he wished that he was actually a real tiger than a fake one.... because then the govt would have tried to save him (Operation Tiger) and allow unlimited hunting than actually hunting him down.

Had he been a real tiger, he would have got the honor of getting a sighting of the Prime Minister and so many NGOs may have cared about him. Currently the same NGOs are raging a scathing attack on the humble one eyed youngest captain.

Come on - what is his mistake - he was hunting -- no one told him that Tiger was a nick name given to him and not his profession. This is unfair. After all he is a Nawab, Shikar to unka shauk hai...

And you all let Salman kill a black buck, drive over a few people, break Aishwarya's heart, increase Vivek's phone bill (not in any particular sequence) and he never has any issues. In fact you all flog to his hopeless unlucky movies.

Come on Tiger is a Nawab -- He will hunt!!

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