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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Imrana - The Fiasco

I can never imagine what the poor lady Imrana ( must be going through.

She is married (not Happily for sure now), has five kids and now is raped by her father in law. Well, you would puke at the thought, feel sad for the lady, call on the police and wait until the father in law is imprisoned. Not a simple task, but you would expect it to happen.

Well, you are in for a surprise. The expected won't happen, because the lady in question is governed by some clerics who want her to marry the Rapist (her father in law).

We are in a democracy with a Secular constitution where Justice prevails. Aren't we?

Rajiv Gandhi - Are you in heaven or in hell? Do you read this blog? Are you happy that you allowed the shariat to rule?

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