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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Smoking Ban or just a smoke?

Friends, Roman, Countrymen - Lend me (our I&B Minister) thy ear...... none will henceforth smoke in any movies.

WOW - That is sleek and such a simple solution. Now my kid will watch Hindi Movies, see that no one smokes in the movies (What if he watches older or firangi movies - Mr. Minister please help) and it will suddenly dawn on him / her that "I should never smoke"

It was only the other day that my neighbor's son, started smoking after watching Ajay Devgan in Company, or Amitabh B in Kalia. Phew - now comes the relief. No more such stories. Thank GOD.

Minister sir - surely your solution will go a long way in helping us souls get rid of the vice. But, sir I have a few doubts and probably you can help.

  1. What happens to older movies? Do we remake or edit them?
  2. What happens to biographical movies?
  3. Have you sent the memo to Mr. Steven Spielberg?
  4. What happens to Foreign films? not only the Hollywood ones
  5. Does this apply to documentaries?
  6. What if I am shooting for my Film (under the new rules) on the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai and some guy in the background (not a paid extra) is smoking?
  7. What all types of smoking are banned? Cigarettes, Bidis, Pot, Chillam etc etc?
  8. Is smoking banned in the "Theater world"? I mean the Dramas and plays?
  9. That reminds me - Can I smoke in the movie theater?
  10. What happens if you / your government loses the next election and your successor does not share the same optimism?
  11. And the perennial question - When are you coming up with the ban on depicting the following in the movies as well
  • Rapes
  • Violence
  • Corruption
  • Skin Fest
  • Dowry
  • Alcohol
  • other vices - I have not included "sex" in here but you are free to do so

You must have started believing that I am a chain smoker by now. But actually I detest smoking as much as you do. Especially the Passive smoking. I would be glad if we can get rid of this vice and wipe the world clean of this vice.

Unfortunately however, I do not share the same Utopian world like yours where banning smoking from the Films will actually even make a small dent to the industry.

I will stand right next to you, if you decide to ban smoking completely.

- an avid non smoker


Anonymous said...

Hmm - Was blog surfing -- read this -- interesting point, especially about what if this Govt is voted out? Where is the continuity?

Vivek Kumar said...

In context of your comment on my posting

Have replied to your comment on my blog also, but thought I should post it here as well.


@mit.. I read your posting. But you haven't actually made a connection between this ban and LPG of Indian economy.

And frankly, most of your questions have already been addressed in the policy statements.

e.g. Q.9, NO, you can not smoke in a movie theater because it is a public place where smoking is banned (by a separate law).

That had nothing whatsoever to do with this ban that you were talking about.

May be you could elaborate further!


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