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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Stung by Sting Operations?

It is reported that a young journalist from Mid Day tried to seduce Maharashtra Deputy CM RR Patil in a sting operation. The Dep CM smelt a rat once the reporter posing as a bar dancer started getting close.

I think the Journalism and the competition between the tabloids has hit an all time low where dailies have to resort to such cheap thrills in order to create news and report it.

The media (not all of it) wants to sell news and if it does not find anything interesting they will create one. I call it the CNNism and the Indian media is catching fast.

The Times Of India, one of the most respected and widely circulated newspaper has also started using its website for such cheap thrills and increase the viewership.

Tehelka started it (with good intentions or bad) and now it has become a weapon / license to do whatever the media pleases. I hope this stops....

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