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Friday, July 01, 2005

Rs. 21,608 crores as Bribe each year?

The Bribe report is out. It says that Indians on a average pay Rs. 21608 cores as Bribe each year. Another report says that the Average per capita income of an Indian is somewhere in the range of Rs. 12000. Both the news pieces together make an interesting read.

Now we are talking of an income of Rs. 21608 cores which is unaccounted for. So assuming a population of 1 Billion we are talking of around Rs.2000 per capita not being accounted for!!

Mind you, the bribe money is mostly in the Public Sector and those are some of the most poorly paid jobs as well. Do you see a connection here?

But the question that begs attention is that, if we do pay more in the public sector, will it reduce corruption. Is corruption a function of less pays, more power or just human nature?

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