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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Admit it you morons!

The last few weeks have seen an interesting twist in the Indian Politics. The kind which makes you sit back and wonder if the same has actually matured.

1. The comments by the Opposition Leader of India Mr. L.K. Advani in Pakistan about the Quaid -e -Azam of that country

2. The Speech by the Prime Minister of India Mr. Manmohan Singh at Oxford defining the Indo British relationship post freedom.

The former marks a significant switch in the ideology of the party which rose to power on communal feelings (At this moment, whether Mr. Advani can steer the party from a right wing to right of the center is yet to be seen). However more importantly it also marks a significant change in the mindset of our political leaders to see everything (or everyone) in black or white.
We have a tendency to idolize all our heroes or leaders and create a havoc (literally) if anyone points out any fallacy in their thinking. For us our Heroes / Leaders / Gurus are supreme and nothing can be wrong about them.
Similarly for us all our villains are villains with no virtues. The Ravan can be the greatest Shiv bhakt but that is something that we will not discuss.
The statement by Mr. Advani (one of the most well read leaders) marks a positive change in that mindset. I hope it translates down to all levels and we can see a day when the students in our country learn History as it actually was rather than how we wanted it to be.
Equally path-breaking (but less surprising as it comes from Mr. Singh) is the second admission of the nature of Indo Britain relationship. Mr. Singh rightly admits that India has obviously benefited in some matters from the British Raj. He does not fail to also point out that the Empire actually did suck the country dry of its wealth. But then surely there were a few positives from the Raj and we need to admit that.
Interestingly, they are the top two leaders in our hierarchy now and that speaks volume of the maturity that we as a responsible power can show.
Bravo to both the leaders.


Geeta said...

Actually Amit is this a admission by the leaders of long forgotten history or just scoring of some brownie points? What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Nice POst - came over here from Blog Mela

Anonymous said...

Good one - Saffronisation and de saffronisation and all other "sations" keep the History of our nation in the dark

@mit said...

Geeta - Brownie points or not - I am happy that we have finally started seeing the grey areas of our History. We need to "agree to disagree" and co exist...

Annon (s) - Thanks. I hope our sense of History will not be skewed

Anonymous said...


What is it with girls fighting?