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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Terrorist Attack in Ayodhya

Take it from me, this attack in the Ayodhya Temple premises will surely turn out to be one of the most politicized story now.

first things first. This attack should be condemned by all and sundry. Not only because it is an attack on a holy shrine, but because it is done with the malice of creating ripples within the secular fabric of India.

The attack smacks of political conspiracy and I would not be surprised if this points fingers to those who are losing their grip on their votebanks. The polity of India needs to take this in the stride and not give a knee jerk reaction. We are a non violent country and we need to stay that way.

As usual we have blamed the neighboring country (or some of their outfit for this) - How convenient for us. Always blame the Foreign hand, never take the blame on ourselves.

One more interesting fact is that whenever there is such a highly politicized attack, our forces end up killing everyone of the culprits. Remember Akshardham? Same case here. All the culprits have been shot. We did arrest the driver, but then why could we not arrest the others. Do we lack the skills in that or the will for that?

Why do we always have this policy of "Never take any prisoners?".

This makes me wonder, is there something fishy?

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