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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Naach Meri Bulbul

--- ke paisa milega... Kahan Kadardaan tujhe aisa (take a bow Mr RR) milega?

The Moral Police finally do the unthinkable......

So, Salman can ask Aish to dance for Abu Salem but no one else can now ask anyone else to dance... for anything.

We all are dancing to the tunes of Mr. RR Patil. I hope he does not read this post from Amit Varma.

Mr RR - Where are the next stpes to ban all else that you despise of?

I have never been to a dance bar and not that I want to go there, but I am completely against this "thrust my morals down your throat" attitude that has crept in lately.


Anz said...

Thanks a lot for dropping by :)

sanguine said...

wow , you have linked me n i had no idea that you even dropped by my page. you never left a comment.

nyways , thanks for the link n do comment on the posts . i value them.