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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Movie and a Makeover

This is interesting - We now have a movie on Sonia Gandhi and her love for an Indian and India. Seriously folks, have we all lost our sense of finding an Ideal or an Idol in our life?

Ask a young child, who his or her ideal / idol is? The answer will be one of the following:

1. Sachin Tendulkar
2. Shah Rukh Khan (if not no. 4)
3. Amitabh Bachchan
4. Aamir Khan (if not no.2)
5. Abhijit Sania - did I get the name right?
6. Rahul Dravid
7. Sourav Ganguly (not in Mumbai)
8. Sania Mirza ( a
child well read or not)
9. Narain Karthikeyan
10. Sonia Gandhi
11. Bal Thackeray
12. Advani (Last Three names are just indicative of the
descend of our choices and are not in any particular preference).

Where are the names that SHOULD be our ideals or idols. The names which should inspire us to live by the virtues that those individuals lived by. Do we really beleive that the Abhijit Sania who can sing and dance to the tunes of a channel IS the INDIAN IDOL.

Is Indian Idol just a show or our inability to have an idol?

Where are the Gandhis, Boses, Bhagat Singhs, Martin Luther Kings, Einsteins and hundreds of others who can be our idols....

In the contemporary world can India not find a single person who can be an idol for us, someone whose life will be a inspiration for all of us?

I am sure we can, we are just not looking for them. There are hundreds of people whose life is not only an inspiration for us but for the world.

Long time back I had read an article on Rediff about the life of some people who have changed their lives inspite of their so called lacunae. I am unable to locate it right now.

But my point is a dancing jack is not my Idol.... Is he yours?

More on the lack of fitting idols later.....


Anonymous said...

How Treu? where are our priorities? The list of people u have given... are just successful people who have lot of news space and money....not idols--- never ---

Anonymous said...

Nice Post !!

Rahul said...

I do agree with you that we are falling fast as far as idol standards go. But then the rest of the world seems to be doing the same thing. Not all idols in the given list are bad ones to emulate but the herd mentality is scary and the hyping up of silly stuff in an effort to copy americans is the real problem- we seem a bit too eager to loose our identity and character.

@nu$h@ said...

first time @ ur blog... real nice one..followed ur comment somewhere..

Whether the show did choose the indian idol or not is a different issue ,but it did leave a lot of indians idle , glued to the idiot box... n Sony a richer tel network..