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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Non Violence - A Stitch in Time

Non Violence - a tool, a weapon, an armor for Terrorism?

Mahatma Gandhi and others in his era advocated non violence as the path to freedom. Freedom from the British Raj, Freedom to self govern, Freedom to decide for ourselves, Freedom from Monarchy, Freedom from Anarchy, Freedom from foreign rule, Freedom of Speech.

Sound Familiar in the current context? All the same demands that some groups, organizations and peoples are making. The goals in some areas are the same, but the paths are different. Do not be mistaken, I am not comparing the Indian Freedom struggle with Al Qaueda movement. However there are various supporters of Al Quaeda who support (tacitly) the cause only because they require the above mentioned demands.

Non Violence as many believe is an act of cowardice, and act of non confrontation, an act of weakness. But Non Violence requires more courage, more determination and does not advocate non confrontation, but advocates confrontation without violence (at least from one end).

However the question is "Would you be non violent and if so to what degree?"

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