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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Gandhi, Queen Victoria, Hitler and Marilyn Monroe connection

So what do Mahatma Gandhi, Queen Victoria, Adolf Hitler and Marilyn Monroe have in Common? In fact add to the list the following :Dean, Audrey Hepburn and John F Kennedy, is Muhammad Ali, Elvis.

This Report says that all of these were masters of image control and could use their image (litereally) towards their respective causes.

Quoted from the article:

......Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi as a skilled self-publicist, who harnessed the media to great effect. A pair of pictures, taken over 40 years apart, shows him as a young lawyer, the picture of British middle class, wearing bow tie and winged collar, and later as an Indian in ordinary dress, who would appeal to the masses.

Adolf Hitler initially kept photographers away, but came to recognize their importance as a propaganda tool. The leader`s favourite photographer, Heinrich Hoffman, and assistants took an estimated 2.5 million pictures of the Fuehrer from 1935 to 1945.

While on the the topic of Mahatma Gandhi and the use of his image, here is an interesting site of Foundation for Better Life which is using the images of Mahatma Gandhi and others to inspire people to do better in life. These Billboards are placed in California and am sure are making a difference to the lives of people. Do have a look at all of them (Link)

Billboard used by Fondation for Better Life


Krishna said...

Good post and thanks for the links on the two items. Keep posting like this and I will check back :)

Girish said...

So IMage building is an old game and not new to the current list of media hoggers. However I am not so sure if all those listed figures actually gave that much imp to their image....

As for the Better life foundation that is so inspiring

Sunita said...

Interesting ... but true from all senses. What about the current hoggers?

Nupur said...

I am not a big fan of MKGandhi. Actually to be honest - I cant stand him. I don't know if its all the stuff I've heard about him thru the years or whatever. Just don't like the guy. Period.

And I see that your blog here is very political.!! Interesting... I might be able to learn something here... proabably appreciate the role of Indian politics. *though I doubt I'll ever be able to appreciate politics no matter where it is!*

nin said...

hmmmm....i dont like Gandhi and Hitler..
and i saw ur previous post ....i think..
sonia,thackery,advani...these names should be omitted from the idol list.
who is Abhijit Sania ? (btw is he Abhijit Sawant?)

@mit said...

missnupur - Thanks for the comment and your thoughts on MK Gandhi. I do beleive in non violence per se but as I have said in my previous post I am not sure if it is because I have not been put in a spot.... Most people disagree with his politics, but there are certain asppects of him which can be appealing.... if we can keep the gandhi as a politician away ... which i agree is difficult .

I know my blog is a bit political, not because I love it,,,but because I am perplexed by what is happening in that space.. Do keep dropping by --- @mit

@mit said...

Avik --- Abhijt Sawant -- hehe --- i know something was wrong and did not bother to google it -- hehehe -- i think the runner up was amit sania --- right?

As for the list of bad guys (read politicians) ---- point taken :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree that Gandhi is a bit of a dual personality if you want to opine on part of him---- the politician is a bit skewed towards left --- and the philisopher is a different person altogether --- wheter we like him or not --- he has been a pivot during the freedom and thus it is time we accept whatever he was and not just look at the good or bad side....i think the opinion on Gandhi is so polarised in India --- you either love him or hate him.... but I do not think it is that easy --- good post @mit

- Karuna

Anonymous said...

Gandhi - an idol? you must be kidding

@mit said...

Karuna - I agree that we need to start looking at everything that has been taught to us with some sceptism to say the least. Nothing in this world is that Black or White. However that does not obviouly undermine the great work of anyoone or dignify the fallacies of anyone. But that is a topic of a different post altogether.

@mit said...

Annon (2) - The point of my post is that we have stopped idolising the right people. Money and success in films or sports is the key today. However I think that there are others who do far better and whose life we can look up to for inspiration.

Gandhi, Nehru, Patel or any other political figure can be a debate when it comes to choosing your idol. But the point of the post is that kids can find better people than Shah Rukh Khan (I like him a lot for his films) as idols.

My Idols are a couple of my Profs (Mr Puranik and Mr. Zaware) and also my dad and father in law.

As I said the post is to question the criterion of selecting idols.....