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Monday, July 18, 2005

Terrorism as the world sees it now

The 9/11 changed the world in many ways for many people. It was a defining moment for some. The fall out of that day is still resounding in many ways and surely there are hundreds who still curse the horrific day.

The 7/7 too has its share of defame and the era post 7/7 will be a bit different from the era of 9/11.

The world (most of the western for sure) looked upon Terrorism as an "imported", "alien" item which reached its shores as a response. The terrorists came to the shores, unleashed their hatred and died in the process.

However post 7 /7 Terrorism, as the world now realizes, can be a home grown factor. It is no longer something that has come to you, but in many ways can be something that was with you all the time. Many of us cannot fathom why educated young people who have families and a good life for themselves, decide to end their lives and also of other innocent people. At the same time I am sure there are many others who cannot understand why we do not "understand" their stand. The Debate continues.......

Here are a few interesting articles from people across the world on the London Killings:

1. An Interesting Debate on one of the USA Today Articles on the Lessons of 7/7. This Debate with its points and counter points firms up my belief that the resentment is lurking around and we need to provide a vent to it. We should agree to disagree and agree to co exist.

2. An Article on why or how the army lines are being drawn and how the recruitment works

"AL QAIDA is secretly recruiting affluent, middle-class Muslims in British
universities and colleges to carry out terrorist attacks in the UK, leaked
Whitehall documents reveal"

3. Ibtissam Al-Bassam ( a former dean of King Fahd Academy in London and a present staff member of UNESCO) argues how the innocent are the only ones who fall victim in this world o politics where the whole world is a battleground

In violence only the innocent fall.

4. Zafar Agha elsewhere opines that Iraqi occupation is the main reason why Al Qaida can fill its ranks (Interestingly more than 2 /3rds in Britain feel that Iraq is the cause for the London effect)

Every nation and every race hates occupation. Americans did. They fought a
bitter war of independence against the British colonisers in their own country!
Didn't the American Blacks fought against white domination inside America!

5. At the same time the Allied front denies the Iraqi link

6. And while some part of the world argues that engaging the disoriented ordisgruntledd in talks is the way out, Vinod Meheta argues how can you meet the demands of these terrorists?

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