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Friday, July 22, 2005

Rane Sahab -Kya Hua?

Hmm -- so this latest report about the Abhimanyu of Shiv Sena joining arch rivals Congress, sets me thinking, about how easily our elected representatives and politicians (some are not elected) take us " the common junta" for granted.

It makes me furious to know that if I elect (rather vote for) someone becuase he / she belongs to a particular ideology / thinking / party etc, I do that assuming that the person will stay true to his words and ideology. Won't I? Who gives that person the right to take me for granted and switch camps - that too the diagonally opposite ones?

I am not a supporter of Shiv Sena and absolutely would never vote for Mr. Rane in any case, but then his electorate, somewhere in the forgotten Konkan area, surely voted him to keep the Congress / NCP candidate out.

I am not against a person switching parties, he / she may choose so. But then it is the duty of that individual to ascertain that his electorate is not taken for granted.

Next time I vote, what do I do?

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