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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Some Truths or Some Myths?

Democracy is the best form of cultured socitey.

If so, why do I sometimes feel

that my country requires a dictator?

Majority should rule.

If so, why do I feel something is wrong when

a majority ethnic group decides to clean off a minority

Education makes you smarter

If so, why do I feel that the illeterate people sometimes

show more wisdom


Anonymous said...

So True.... so very true..

Gobind said...

Dear Amit..

Happy Independence Day...

Azadi Mubarak Ho...

I liked your blogs... so I linked you to my space.. if any objection let me know! U can also link me if u like it, thnx!

Keep smiling :)

@mit said...

Anon - Thanks for your comments

Gobind - Wish you and all the same... Liked your space and have commented there as well...thanks for linknig me -- it means a lot to me