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Friday, August 19, 2005

Update on Indi Blog Review.

I am being dragged to NY and Toronto over the next week and thus the launch of Indi Blog Review has been delayed.

I appreciate all the support that I have received from you all. Thanks for that. I hope this will be a good initiative.

The Following blog reviews AS WELL AS blogger interviews are coming up (not in any specific order):
  1. Nerve Endings Firing Away- by Patrix
  2. Balancing Life - by Sunil Laxman
  3. IndianWriting - by Uma
  4. The Examined Life - Ravikiran Rao
  5. India Uncut - Amit Varma
  6. Happenings of the Heart - Josephine Fernandes
  7. News in Limerick - by Aparna
  8. Death Ends Fun - Dilip D'souza
  9. Beautiful Life - Vasanthi Emmanuel
  10. A walk in the clouds - Megha M
  11. A time to reflect - Charu

--- and few others are in the pipeline and currently being contacted.

Tune in later to find out more and keep the suggestions flowing because this is still WIP.

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Keshi said...

wow interesting concept...I will come back later to


Chez said...


This is inform you that your blog has been added to Indibloggers. Pls visit and verify it. If there is any misrepresentation, do let us know.

Thank you.
Keep Blogging.

Chez said...

Hi Amit,

I like your concept of Reviews on Indian Bloggers. Since your concept is still in the bud and blossoms stage, I'd like to offer you an invitation to join the Indiblogger Team and post the reviews there.

Indibloggers had long been a nice comprehensive list. We have been trying to bring in new ideas and freshen up the site instead of just providing a simple list. But on the course of time, we've not been able to do it, due to lack of time we werent able to put in. since your idea had long been our dream at Indibloggers, We'd be more than happy to bring you in so that you can post regular reviews on Indian bloggers.

Do mail me at magnus[dot]astrum[at] if this ok for join us.