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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

TOI Where art thou?

Cross posted on TOI - where art thou?
I remember my school days when our English teacher egged us to read the English newspaper aloud everyday in order to improve our diction and clear our speech. I urged my dad to subscribe to the best Englsih daily (We had subscribed to a vernacular daily because my mother preferred it). He promptly asked our "Paperwallah" to give the Times of India to us. My dad, I remember, told me that it was the best English daily in circuit. --- Read more at TOI - where art thou?


neetiee said...

hi...came here through ur comment at my blog..sorry cudnt read ur post..thanks for being at my blog.

take care

God bless U!

@mit said...

Neetie - Hope you find some time someday to read it. Thanks for visiting though. at least the site counter went up by one :-)