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Thursday, August 11, 2005

What did you say honey?

The Issue on Hand

Setting: Living room
@mit watching the TV on the couch munching on pop corn( Sports Channel. Minnesota Vikings v/s GB Packers. 4th Quarter. Vikings need a touchdown and all hopes on Dante)

My wife in the kitchen, cleaning up.

My wife(lovingly) Can you clear the trash honey?

@mit munching on pop corn...munch munch

My wife (a bit irritated): are you listening?

@mit biting the nails now cause it the the 3rd down and 10

My wife (shouting at the top of her voice): shut the damn TV. Clear the trash

@mit still biting on his nails and praying to all GODS that Dante does it.

My Wife standing next to me and still shouting: CLEAR THE TRASH

My Wife (shaking me, taking the remote and shutiing the TV) : Are you even here?

@mit: What are you doing? Can't you see....

My Wife: Can't you listen, I am shouting for last few minutes. You never listen to what I say.
You need to check your ears.

@mit catches the feeble shouts of his neighbors shouting because of the touchdown and starts dancing.

My Wife (sobbing now): you cannot even hear me but you can listen to the neighbors TV and the score... My god ... what happened to you...

I always knew nothing was wrong with me

Cause: Men process female voice differently (I do it even better)


Parna said...

you should be hung upside down.
shame on you.
give this towel to wifey form me wokay?

Parna said...


Ankur said...

u r great,,my hero ;-)

Jyoti A said...

Hmm .. Next time your wife should beat u up :)

Poor soul ... and no excuses for not listening to our complex voices....

Rakesh said...

Cool -- nice excuse -- i need to keep a copy of this in my pocket. Now where is that print button....

Michael Higgins said...

Hi @mit
What you say ring true. Your wite's timing seemed poor, but if you watch a lot of sports, such conflicts are inevitable.

Vinu said...

Hey amit...

A humourous post...hehe...Am still chickling...Keep ur good work..
And dont tell this to ur wife...hehe

Minal said...

A conflict that would ba rarity in my house cause Hubby and I both sports buffs;-)

Ideally all wives should hook on to sports and then let's see who'll take out the trash;-)

If you can't beat them join them:-)

Neat post:-)

vin said...

Next time when your wife says the word "trash" just make sure she dosent mean you:)

aparna said...

lol cool post...but then isn't it better to be yelled at in a sweet feminine voice than have a gruff male voiceover doing the needful? and are you sure the research findings are correct...I mean sometimes men hear most correctly what women whisper...when it suits them ;-)

Me said... are a brave man indeed....

mamatha said...

men are awful sometimes. why can u not ever tell when 'take out the trash" really means,"if you don't do as i ask then i mean nothing to you, and you want to keep proving that to me don't you?"!

;) i know i act irrationally when he doesn't do as i ask,but at that minute it is the most important thing in world.

by the way minal, i love baseball alot now b/c of hubby and i have always loved basketball and hockey, and i'll watch sports with robin(hubby), but that doesn't mean that i want him to pay more attention to the tv vs. me. (of course when i have a show on and he disturbs me...:))


Bharati said...

According to P L Deshpande, a famous Marathi Writer (a.k.a PULA), Women remember trash only when the Man is watching T.V. or reading newspaper. In fact, Many wives have asked the man to send the trash out twice even though he had disposed the trash out earlier, and only becuase he was reading newspaper.

Sujatha said...

I second Minal about the sports. In fact, more than 50% of NFL fans are women. I did not belive this at first, but you only have to go to a game or carefully scan the game crowds on TV to realize that is true. And I to have sports trivia nuggets that I throw out when we're watching games with our friends and the male ones tend to be mighty impressed.

In our house, it's the news. I watch the news and am interested in what's going on in the world, but I draw the line at watching the same news 24 hours a day (which is what the 24/7 news channels have, b/c, really, there is not that much going on in the world).

@mit said...

Parna - My wife nearly accomplishes that --- and the towel was for hanging me or for the "sob sob" wife.. :-)

Ankur - Well I do my best to be an inspiration to others :-)

Jyoti A - Please do not give any ideas to my wife -- and I agree she does have to put up with me

Rakesh - I would not recommend using this excuse, as it has not worked for me personally. but you can take the risk

Michael - any best practices or lessons learnt from you will help :-)

Vinu - Thankfully she does not read my blog --- at least that is what I think

Minal - Can I ask my wife to contact you? PLEASE PLEASE?

vin - I think sometime she does :-(

aparna - shhhh - do not let the secret out. I love the female voice -- i mean my wife's

avik - Thanks I do try to remain that way

mamatha - I think you, Minal and my wife needs to have a telecon - what do you say?

Bharati - Pu La rocks... he always says the right thing at the right time.

Sujatha - Will you join the Telecon as well? My wife may convert you otherwise beware... I think she likes Cricket as long as it means keeping a tab on the score...

sebia said...